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Phase number 1 is to test the patterns in the sizes that we are going to make the production, this way we certify that the patterns run well for production, and we make corrections if necessary.
With this resolved, let’s get to work!

An excellent organization when producing your collection is as important as the collection itself and we are experts in that.

Fashion designer in Usa
We have a staff of professional women who are experts in swimwear and the latest technology tools so that each garment is perceived as made to measure.
swimwear Fashion designer services in Usa
We are not a factory, we are an atelier with an emphasis on detail, each piece is exactly the same in size and proportion to the example.
Our workshops are here in Boca Raton Florida. Your brand may say Made in the USA. A determining detail in the purchase decision.


Swimsuits are very small pieces, in which any millimeter more or less counts, that's why we don't cut more than 10 layers of fabric at a time and as a result we have all the production exactly to the pattern. Not to mention the performance of the fabrics. Waste is minimal, and that is reflected in the numbers.

Hand Made

You could say that your product is Hand Made. We take supreme care in detail, in that element that makes it so particular and with the feeling that it was made by a human, the hands of our seamstresses that are specialists in crafts, they give the piece that warmth that can only be perceived when a piece is not built in a cold factory, but caressed by the hands of an expert seamstress from a fine atelier.


Our service includes threads and elastics, of the highest quality, we have suppliers that are our allies and a fundamental part of this great family.

Delivery times

From the moment we have all the materials ready, the "taximeter" begins to run and we will have constant communication for feedback and that you are aware of exactly where we are in the production phase.


We will prepare a sample for your approval and we guarantee that each production part will be exact to that sample. Most of the time the patterns are made by third parties, but we need to be sure that they are the exact measurements and sizes so that you don't get surprises of wasting time and even worse money.

Costs reduction

A benefit that every fashion company seeks is the reduction of costs and, consequently, a greater profitability in your collections. An organized production helps to achieve this and much more!
Fashion designer in Florida
When all employees know exactly how to perform their task, industries have extensive communication with each other, and machines perform well in routine work, it is easier to get things done without rework… And we already have this path of years of experience at your disposal.

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